About James

Disillusioned with the standard idea of education and set on making his own way in life, James left home at 17 and began to travel around seeking life, adventure, and education wherever he could find it. Sneaking into top colleges to take classes on philosophy, psychology, and other topics; even once being thrown out of a mathematics class at Stanford University when the professor learned that he was not a student.

After a few of his scripts began circulating around magic's inner circles he began writing routines and scripts for other magicians. He was called "the greatest storyteller in magic" by some of his peers. A title given to him by a New York based magician that stuck was "The Bob Dylan of Magic."

Along the way he has met with and learned magic from the best in the world. Initially performing on the streets for enough money to get from one place to another, he currently is performing to sold out stages and standing ovations. From corporate and private events to his own live theater shows, his journey has taken him around the world and to most of the 50 states.