• James Mollenkamp

A Very Brief but Very Warm Welcome

This blog is primarily a collection of stories about hocus-pocus, trickery, fraud, conjuring, and good-ol'-fashioned prestidigitation.  This is a journey filled with esoteric jargon, anecdotes, and essays bound to be a lackluster experience to most, but none-the-less an experience.  And for some it will be an insightful and fun look at magic from a different perspective. I often use the techniques of legerdemain and magicians that date back hundreds of years; as well as the tricks of psych psychics, pseudo soothsayers and false fakirs to accomplish my feats. All of which will be discussed or at the very least alluded to in this blog.  Through this blog one will find out what a magician truly is as well as some of the psychology, philosophy, and history of magic.  My sincerest welcome.

Print by Pieter van der Heyden 1565.
This print was published in 1565 by artist Pieter van der Heyden. Interestingly it alludes to many of the popular tricks of the magicians of the day, such as the tabled decapitation and piercing of skin and other body parts using cutlery and other such household weaponry.

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